Penzion Roubenka

We welcome you to a new year and looking forward to a new season. If you would like to stay in our cottage at Hukvaldy in winter or summer months, please contact us and reserve your term on telephone number.: 731504419-11, 733128213.

We look forward to see you

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Stylish guesthouse Roubenka v Janáèkových Hukvaldech

Rent yourself a luxurious cottage with sauna and bathing pond.

Your vacation in Beskydy is going to become non-traditional and unforgetable experience. Even long after returning home you will think back about historically furnished rooms with romantic stove in timber-house surrounded with kind nature.

Penzion Roubenka is located 12 km away from Mosnov - airport, 900 m from centre of the village, 100 m away from golf court. The interior is equiped with restored historical furniture. We offer you a stay in two double-bedded rooms, one family and kids room.

The whole cottage is designed by Tereza Bartuclova in style, that takes everyone back in decades.

Cottage is partly timbered, the room offers fully furnished kitchen, including dishwasher, stove with sleeping behind furnace, fully equiped children's playroom, including TV and video. Every each room is originaly designed. On every floor there is a toilet and bathroom. Part of the guesthouse is sauna with outdoor bathing pond, outdoor seating with, grill, outdoor fireplace and russian nine pins.

Cottage and the garden has 1500 m2, which is right next to the forest that is part of the cottage. Forest encourages to morning walks, where you can find mushrooms for their frying.

Lovely village, that is placed in picturesque environment Beskyd foothills in the base of Palkovicke Hùrky, with dominating factor of massive medieval castle. For its history, spacious park surrounding castl even for its beautiful nature are Hukvaldy target for trips for the whole year.

Almost two thousand people village has its origin in village Sklenov with its first written mention from year 1294 and village Rychaltice from year 1394. Both villages were brought together in year 1960 as one village Sklenov. As Hukvaldy, was village renamed after year 1982. Today, the village is composed out of four parts: Hukvaldy, Horní Sklenov, Dolní Sklenov and Rychaltice.

Dominance of the village is a ruin one of the biggest castles in Moravia, which origins is dated for first half of 13. century. Castle is partially restored, it was besieged many times in its history, but never conquered. It was destroyed by a fire in 5th October 1762. After that, it was no longer maintained, with exception of chapel of Saint Ondrej, restored in 19th century. It was build as a watch tower for business road from Olomouc to Krakov and was as surrounding manor in property of bishops of Olomouc.

Part of the castle is spacious park with alleys of beeches, oaks, chestnuts, lindens, in which lives herd of moufflons and fallow deers. Park was established by bishop of Olomouc, Vilem Prusinovsky z Víckova at year of 1566, when he recieved twenty fallow deers from the emperor. In castle park, in a place with magic coulisse of mountain Kaznièov and great acoustics, serves already many decades as a concert stage summer amphitheater. Nearby, there is monument of Liška Bystrouška, which was placed there at year of 1959 as an impulse from huntsmans and foresters from Ostrava district for the memory of first local opera of Janáček. If you touch the foxes tail and wish something, it will happen within a year.

There is folk building from 18th century in the village itself - birthplace of Leoš Janáèek in old school, his monument, even baroque small church saint Maxmilian, baroque entrance gate to the park or little castle of archbishops of Olomouc.

2x Double-bedded room

1x family four bedded room

1x common room with bed

1x Kids room with bed

and attic room with 6 beds (taken as extra bed)




garden with bathing pond

cooking possibility

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